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9 June 2013

Kawasaki ZXR400 race project - DAY 7

Well its Sunday , but certainly not a day of rest on ZXR400 race project ( scrapheap challenge ).

Today we are starting on the engine , the oil was dumped already when the engine was started and hot. So now to remove the sump and check for debris and make sure the oil pick up strainer is clean , and check all of the valve clearances and cam timing.


ZXR400 valve clearances


Boy are we glad we checked ... the cam carriers bolts were all loose , as in finger tight , with a couple even having an air gap !!

The bolts were all torqued down and then the clearances were checked , a few were out and have been changed , but to be fair not too bad.

Down at the sump end , all was pretty clean , we then carried out a compression check to get an idea of the engines condition.


ZXR400 compression check


Good readings of 165-170 on all cylinders give us some hope ( fingers crossed its not false hope )

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