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10 July 2012

World Record attempt team and BBC TV crew turn up at SDC

An old friend of ours at SDC ( Hog ) contacted us a short while back about setting up the fueling on our rolling road for their World Record attempt at Bonneville Salt Flats.

After a quick catch up , it turns out that Hog and his friends had lost a biking friend of theirs , Mike Page . Mike had passed away at the age of 44 , and as a tribute to their friend they decided to rebuild and finish Mike's Triumph T120 Bonneville. It was then decided over a few beers that is was a good idea to build the bike and take it to the Bonneville Salt Flats for a World Record Attempt. So that is what they have done.

It must be said that the whole team are a lovely bunch of lads and we certainly wish them all the luck at Bonneville ( sorry we can't remember all the names , but to say Hog is just one of a whole team ). The whole team have done everything together , they all turned up together even for the dyno work.

Keep an eye out for the BBC documentry that is due to be screened this Autum.

You can find out all about the team at 


The Team Page Triumph T120 Bonneville - the lads have done an excellent job and are a credit to their friend.


The man himself "Hog

" being filmed at the SDC premises for the up comming BBC documentry

Dyno time

Dyno time , Gary from SDC sets about setting up the Triumph .



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